Belarusian State Technological University

City: Minsk
Address: 13a Sverdlova Street,220006, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 17 327 65 92 , +375 17 327 65 92 (факс)
Number of specialties for foreign students: 213
Year of foundation: 1930
Language of instruction: Russian, English
Mode of study: Full-time/ Part-time/ Distance
Total number of students: 14000
Price of education: from 150 to 6000 USD per year

The structure of the educational institution includes:

  • Negoreloe Forestry Experimental Station
  • Belarusian State College of Building Materials Industry
  • Bobruisk State Forest Engineering College
  • Vitebsk State Technological College
  • Gomel State Polytechnic College
  • Polotsk State Forestry College

628 teachers

Doctors of Science


Candidates of Science


8 faculties

  • Forestry Faculty
  • Forestry and Wood Technology Faculty
  • Organic Substances Technology Faculty
  • Chemical Technology and Engineering Faculty
  • Faculty of Print Technology and Media Communications
  • Economic Engineering Faculty
  • Faculty of Information Technology
  • Faculty of Extramural Studies

Belarusian state technological university is a unique center providing end-to-end cluster system of training for key sectors of national and global economy. The University is developing steadily and rapidly. It makes a significant contribution to creating a national system of innovative professional environment and highly competent managerial elite. The sustainable development of the University is ensured by highly qualified teaching staff that combines the experience and wisdom of leading scientists and lecturers with persistence and enthusiasm of the young. The University employs over 600 lecturers. BSTU was granted the status of a basic higher educational institution of CIS in the field of forestry and forest industry and maintains cooperation with more than 30 universities of the CIS; it participates in the activities of international scientific organizations, developing dynamically international contacts and academic cooperation with foreign partners. BSTU today: – over 14 000 students? Master’s Degree, PhD and doctoral students – 8 faculties, 47 departments, 19 affiliated departments, 5 colleges, PhD course – 32 degree programs (majors) and 58 minors (first cycle of higher education) – 38 Master’s Degree programs (second cycle of higher education) – 35 PhD programs Social support: – 9 comfortable dormitories – health center – 4 canteens, 2 cafes, cafeteria Sport: – ultramodern sports complex – 7 well-equipped gyms – 2 stadiums, ski station, sports club – 9 sport courts with synthetic covering High education technologies: – 22 academic and laboratory buildings with modern lecture halls – library collection of over 1.3 million printed volumes – language training center


Основные достижения

1996 The University gains the status of basic educational institution in chemical technology and forestry in Belarus. 2005 The Universitty gains the status of leading higher educational institution in forestry, chemical and printing industries/ 2009 BSTU is the first among educational institutions in Belarus, to implement the education quality management system, conforming to Belarusian Certification System, STB ISO 9001-2009, and German Certification System, DDIN EN ISO 9001-2008. 2011 The University is awarded Governmental Prize for Quality Management/ 2012 BSTU began training specialists in English lanuage. New structural unit was formed at the university in 2014: the Institute of Professional Development and Retraining. 2015 For its high performance in the field of training highly-qualified researchers the University is recognized as the best national university and awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. The Centre of collective use of the unique expensive equipment (Centre of physical and chemical investigation methods) which includes 8 research laboratories has been formed in BSTU. The university is accredited as the scientific organization by the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. More than 75 000 graduates of the University work successfully in the areas og chemical and petrochemical industry, composite materials, information technology industry, programming and cyber security, global geoinformation systems, forestry and added-value wood processing, industrial construction materials, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical media, printing, automation and robotics, to ensure national and environmental security, economics, electronic marketing, etc. Among the graduates there are famous scientists, academicians, state prize laureates, ministers, and heads of large industrial associations and enterprises that build on the intellectual capacity of modern Belarus.

Contact information of units responsible for admission of foreign students:
International students office Head of the office – Elena Yanukovich Sverdlova Str. 13a, room 156, building 4 tel/fax: +375 17 327 65 92 e-mail: