Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics

City: Minsk
Address: 6 P.Brovki Street, 220013, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 17 292 32 35 , +375 17 292 32 35 (факс)
Number of specialties for foreign students: 102
Year of foundation: 1964
Language of instruction: Russian, English
Mode of study: Full-time, Part-time and Distance training
Total number of students: 18000
Price of education: Foundation Year courses: from 2000 USD (in Russian) and from 4000 USD (in English) Vocational secondary education: 2000 USD First degree programs: from 3000 USD (in Russian) and from 5000 USD (in English) Master degree programs: from 3300 USD (in Russian) and from 4300 USD (in English) PhD degree programs: from $5000

The structure of the educational institution includes:

Minsk Radioengineering College, Institute Of Information Technologies

800 teachers

Doctors of Science


Candidates of Science


8 faculties

  • Faculty of Computer-Aided Design
  • Faculty of Information Technologies and Control
  • Faculty of Radioengineering and Electronics
  • Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks
  • Faculty of Infocommunications
  • Faculty of Engineering and Economics
  • Military Faculty
  • Faculty of Innovative Lifelong Learning

BSUIR was founded in 1964, it is the leading Belarusian University in IT, infocommunications and radioelectronics, as well the base CIS organization for higher education in informatics and radioelectronics. The University has a status of a scientific organization. Active research is conducted in BSUIR. There are 40 R&D laboratories and teams, 12 centers, a student research society, 38 joint training and research laboratories, 9 educational centers of the leading world companies: Microsoft Academic Alliance Center, National Instruments Educational Center, IBM Center of Competency, Cisco Networking Academy affiliate, SAP Academic Competence Center of SAP cooperation with the universities “University Alliance”, Android Software Center, INTES training and research center, IZOVAC-BSUIR Engineering and Training Center, BSUIR-Prestigio Research and Training Center.


Contact information of units responsible for admission of foreign students:
INTERNATIONAL OFFICE Phone: +375 17 293 89 67 Fax: +375 17 293 23 33 e-mail: