Belarusian National Technical University

City: Minsk
Address: 65 Nezavisimosty Ave., 220013, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 17 292 74 13 , +375 17 292 42 02 (факс)
Number of specialties for foreign students: 185
Year of foundation: 1920
Language of instruction: Russian, English
Mode of study: Full-time, Part-time
Total number of students: 35000
Price of education: Full time:
  • I stage of higher education – from 2650 to 4000 USD;
  • 2nd stage of higher education from 2650 to 4200 USD;
  • post-graduate education – the 3rd level education – from 3050 to 4500 USD;
  • Preparatory Course – 1800 USD;
  • Russian language courses – 250 per month;
  • Retraining;
  • Scientific internship.
Рart time:
  • I stage of higher education – 1300 USD;
  • 2nd stage of higher education – from 1900 to 2500 USD;
  • post-graduate education – the 3rd level education - from 2150 to 3200 USD.

The structure of the educational institution includes:

There are 16 Faculties, 10 institutes and centers, 8 colleges, scientific-research department, technological park and experimental plant ”Politechnik” at the BNTU

2050 teachers

Doctors of Science


Candidates of Science


Foreign Teachers


16 faculties

  • Automobile And Tractor Faculty
  • Architecture Faculty
  • Military and Technical
  • Engineering-Pedagogical Faculty
  • Mechanical Engineering Faculty
  • Mechanical and Technological Faculty
  • Instrument-Making Faculty
  • Sports–Engineering Faculty
  • Civil Engineering Faculty
  • Mining Engineering and Engineering Ecology Faculty
  • Information Technologies and Robotic S Faculty
  • Marketing, Management and Business Faculty
  • Management Technologies and Humanities Faculty
  • Power Engineering Faculty
  • Power Engineering Construction Faculty
  • Transport Communication Faculty

The Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) is the leading public higher engineering and technical education institution in the Belarusian national education system and the Basic Engineering University in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. For its almost century-old history the University has educated about 180 000 engineers and more than 7 000 of them are specialists for 120 countries. The BNTU graduates are successfully working on all continents of world, many became ministers, directors of industrial enterprises, heads of scientific research and educational institutions, chief architects of cities and administrative regions, professors, associate professors, heads of departments. The accumulated educational and scientific potential allows BNTU to annually train more than 35 thousand students, students, undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral students. BNTU prepares highly qualified personnel for the first stage of education in 134 specialties, in the second stage - in 42 specialties. Training of PhD students at the University is carried out in 55 programs and 34 doctoral courses. 15 Thesis Committees are working at the University to supervise postgraduate’s and doctorate’s dissertations. The BNTU occupies leading positions among engineering universities in a great number of international rankings. For the last five years, according to Webometrics, the BNTU ranks among 9 % of the world’s best universities. In QS World University Ranking the BNTU ranks among the top 750+ universities in the world. According to Eastern Europe and Central Asia Rankings, the BNTU is ranked the 79th place. Furthermore, in Worldwide Professional University Rankings the BNTU ranks among the top 250+ global universities and it is the first one among Belarusian technical universities. The Belarusian National Technical University cooperates with 114 foreign technical schools in 34 countries in the field of science and training of personnel. Joint scientific research is conducted with leading scientists from Austria, England, Vietnam, Germany, China, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Syria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries. Training process for international students is supported by the International Cooperation and Foreign Economic Affairs Department.


Contact information of units responsible for admission of foreign students:
Phone: +375 17 2927413, +375 17 2924202 Fax: +375 17 2924202 E-mail:,