Brest State Technical University

City: Brest
Address: 267 Moskovskaya Street, 224017 Brest, Republic of Belarus
Phone: +375 162 40 83 74 , +375 162 40 83 74 (факс)
Number of specialties for foreign students: 137
Year of foundation: 1966
Language of instruction: Russian, English
Mode of study: Full time, Part-time, evening studies
Total number of students: 7614
Price of education: from 2000 USD to 5500 USD

The structure of the educational institution includes:

BrSTU branch Polytechnic College, BrSTU branch Pinsk Industrial and Pedagogical College

451 teachers

Doctors of Science


Candidates of Science


5 faculties

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Electronics and Information Systems, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Systems and Ecology.

Brest State Technical University (BrSTU) is a large scientific and educational center in the western region of the Republic of Belarus. Here specialists are trained and a large volume of scientific research is carried out in the spheres of civil engineering, architecture, electronics, mechanical engineering, economics and ecology. Since 2011, the university has a quality management system. The development of the university is taking into account the changing needs of the republic and the region in the specialists: conditions are created for the training of highly qualified specialists; the expansion of the list of specialties is systematically planned; the Civil Engineering Faculty, as a part of the European Association of similar faculties, is developing and is preparing to give diplomas recognized in the EU countries in the near future to its graduates; the quality of the practical training of specialists is enhanced by combining theoretical training with the industrial practice of students of civil engineering specialties; a transition to a two-level training of specialists - specialists and masters.


Contact information of units responsible for admission of foreign students:
375 162 40 83 74 375 29 726 23 70 International Affairs Office 224017 Brest, Belarus 267 Moskovskaya str. main building, room 325