Life in Belarus

Belarus is a hospitable country with a very high level of security. Residents and guests of our country feel themselves confident and protected.

In case of emergency, you can always ask for help at the phone numbers listed on the link

Belarus has a well-developed public transport system, so you will be comfortable to get to the place of study. Detailed information about transport in our country can be found here

The climate of Belarus is characterized by mild summer, mild winter, changeable weather in autumn and spring. A detailed description of the climate of Belarus you can see here

In our country is relatively low price level in contrast to the European prices, which is presented here

You can choose a university dormitory or a rented apartment as a dwelling in Belarus. Choose the right type of housing you will help the information provided here.

Belarusian cuisine has its own distinctive features and everyone who comes to our country should definitely taste national dishes. To get acquainted with Belarusian cuisine you can here. 

To receive medical care in Belarus, as a rule, is necessary to have insurance. Detailed information about the features of medical care for foreign citizens can be found at this link.