Legalization and recognition of educational certificates

A lot has been done to integrate the Belarusian higher education into the global educational area, including the Bologna process. Here are the most important achievements in this regard: the Republic of Belarus acceded to the Lisbon Convention (full name: The Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region), establishing a national body in charge of educational documents recognition within the National Institute of Higher Education, which then joined ENIC/NARIC (the European network of similar national centres), and signed dozens of agreements on cooperation in the field of higher education with countries from all regions of the world, primarily within the CIS and EAEU.


In the Republic of Belarus, recognition and equivalence of foreign documents on higher education is performed by the Foreign Credentials Assessment Department (Belarus ENIC) at the National Institute for Higher Education Belarus ENIC).

The deadlines for consideration of the documents are set by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, and usually it takes no more than thirty days after submiting all the documents and relevant additional information.

List of documents needed for the recognition procedure:

  1. Official request from the student or from the relevant organization
  2. Certificates of education (original + copy)
  3. Academic transcript (original + copy)
  4. Copy of the national passport

If these documents are in a foreign language, the student also needs to provide:

  • Notarized translation of the education certificates (original + copy)
  • Notarized translation of the academic transcript (original + copy)

All academic certificates must be legalized.The applicant can also present other training certificates, including certificates of other levels of education, authorization of professional work, practical experience. Requests for additional information can be sent to the applicant, the relevant foreign institution of education that issued the academic certificate, or organizations / agencies in charge of education.

Academic certificates issued by state institutions of education in the former USSR and BSSR are automatically recognized in Belarus.