BIP - University of Law and social-information technologies

BIP - University of Law and social-information technologies

Abbreviation: BIP
Telephone : +375 17 263-01-58
Fax: +375 17 263-01-58
City: Minsk
Address :
Korolya str., 220004 Minsk

Form of education: full-time, part-time
Language(s): Russian
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Cost of education

General higher education (educational program for Bachelor’s degree): 2180 USD

Advanced higher education (educational program for Master’s degree): 1430 USD

Science-oriented education (educational program for postgraduate’s degree): 872‒1090 USD

The Russian language courses: from 80 USD per month

The educational institution includes

Key Achievement

BIP – University of Law and Social-Information Technologies is proud of its achievements in training specialists with a degree for Law, Business, Economics, Psychology, Information Resources Management spheres of activity. The University is reputed all over the country for its alumni. More than 500 alumni are engaged in the system of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus, 40 of them work as judges. Over 150 specialists are employed in the bodies of the Prosecutor-General's Office of the Republic of Belarus, about 900 former students serve in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, many occupy high government positions. The alumni’s success is the most important evidence of the effective educational policy of the University.

Successful implementation of educational programs is provided by highly qualified academic staff (mostly Doctors and Candidates of Science) who actively introduce modern technologies to the process of teaching so as to equip students for the challenges of the 21st century.

Research and innovation activities as well as the implementation of the government scientific research program objectives are conducted by department staff or individual researchers. There are two scientific and pedagogical schools in the University.

Postgraduate training (at a PhD level) is held on two postgraduate PhD specialties.

Postgraduate training (at a continuing education level) is offered for adult students striving for updating knowledge and skills in a professional field.

Preparatory courses for admission to the institutions of higher education run in the University.

BIP prints its own scientific journal «Socio-Economic and Legal Research», which is included in the list of scientific publications necessary to issue dissertation research results in law and economic sciences. The journal is recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) of the Republic of Belarus and is indexed in Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

BIP students take an active part in international and republic scientific events and contests.

The university gives opportunities for comprehensive social, creative and athletic student self-realization. There are creative groups, public associations, sports sections working on its base.

BIP’s international cooperation is implemented within direct bilateral agreements on cooperation in the sphere of education and science with the institutions of higher education of Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, China. The University works with the education center «Yaotyan» and China Eastern Europe Culture Education Exchange Center.

BIP is also included in the Scientific and Education Consortium of Higher Education Institutions and Research Institutes of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the Chinese-Belarusian Association of Universities.

Contact information of departments responsible for admission to training of foreign citizens

Department of Science and International Relations:

Address: Minsk, 2nd Puciepravodny zavulak, 1 (room 13)

Tel.: +375017 202-40-59