Before you come to Belarus

Documents required to issue an invitation to study

In order to receive a formal invitation to study (for countries that require a visa to travel to Belarus) or to start the application process foreign students need to provide the following documents to the university:

  1. A completed application form
  2. Notarized copies of the Russian translation (or Russian originals) of certificates of education with the full transcript of courses and grades (certificate of secondary education/university certificate of education with transcript; other certificates of training, preparatory department certificate, certificate of Russian language/foreign language, etc.)
  3. Notarized copies of the Russian translation (or Russian originals) of health certificates issued by healthcare professionals licensed in the student’s country of origin (medical certificate sample) with Russian translation; citizens of Turkmenistan need to provide medical certificate form 086/h (with Russian translation). Medical certificates are valid for up to 6 months
  4. HIV test results with Russian translation (or Russian originals). Medical certificates are valid for up to 6 months
  5. A copy of the passport valid for the term of study, with Russian translation (if applicable)
  6. A copy of the birth certificate with Russian translation (if applicable) — for underage students
  7. 6 photos 3х4 cm

Language of documents

All documents in foreign languages must be translated into Russian. Translation of all documents, except for the passport, must be notarized. Foreign applicants will need to arrange for a notarized translation of their passport after they have arrived in the Republic of Belarus.

How to send documents

All the documents listed above must be sent to the university in a manner most convenient to you, with a note «Заявление на учебу» (“Student application”).
Please note! We recommend to ask your university for their exact address and preferred delivery method.

General deadlines for submission of documents


Consult the website of each university to learn about their specific deadlines


Universities perform a preliminary expertise of submitted educational documents and select foreign students who are eligible to study. Important selection criteria are:
  1. The ability of a foreign applicant to independently (with no outside assistance) understand the rules of admission, complete the application form, prepare relevant documents required by the university, etc.
  2. Previous education (whether it is relevant and sufficient to apply to the selected programme)
  3. Academic scores
  4. Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction

Please note! In some cases, foreign citizens need to send their national certificates of education to recognition and equivalency bodies in the Republic of Belarus, especially when they are applying for master’s and postgraduate programmes. Experts will establish whether the current degree is sufficient to apply for the chosen programme. If this is the case, the university might recommend you to apply to the Republic Institute of Higher Education (ENIC of Belarus), which can provide this service.

Basic application criteria

  1. Relevant previous education
  2. Sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction
  3. For underage applicants — a copy of the birth certificate with Russian translation (if applicable)

Selection results

If the student is deemed eligible, the university prepares and sends an official invitation to study to the consular department of the Republic of Belarus in the foreign applicant’s country, which will help the applicant get his or her student visa (for foreign students from countries that require a visa to enter the Republic of Belarus). The invitation will be ready within 15 days after the admission board makes the decision. The invitation is FREE. Consular fees for the student visa, if any, are paid in the consulate.